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Computer software Requirements Standards


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Stand of Material

1 . Introduction5

1 . 1Purpose5

1 . 2Scope5

1 . 3Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations6

1 ) 4References6

1 ) 5Overview6

2 . Overall Description6

3. Specific Requirements7

3. 1Functionality7

3. 1 . 1Sell Configured to Ordered Products. 7

3. 1 . 2Provide comprehensive item details. 7

3. 1 ) 3Detailed item Categorizations7

three or more. 1 . 4Provide Search service. 7

several. 1 . 5Maintain customer account. 8

several. 1 . 6Provide personalized profile8

3. 1 ) 7Provide Customer service. 8

several. 1 . 8Email confirmation. on the lookout for

3. 1 . 9Detailed bill for buyer. 9

a few. 1 . 10Provide shopping cart facility. 9

three or more. 1 . 11Provide multiple shipping and delivery methods. on the lookout for

3. 1 . 12Online tracking of shipments9

3. 1 ) 13Provide on the net Tax Calculations10

3. 1 . 14Allow multiple payment methods. 10

a few. 1 . 15Allow online modify or cancelling of buy. 10 3. 1 . 16Allow Online Product reviews and ratings10

3. 1 . 17Offer auto financing options. 12

3. 1 . 18Provide comprehensive sitemap. 12

3. 1 . 19Offer online promotions and rewards. 10

3. 1 ) 20Online Getting products. 14

3. 2Usability11

3. installment payments on your 1Graphical End user Interface11

3. 2 . 2Accessibility11

3. 3Reliability & Availability11

3. several. 1Back-end Interior Computers11

a few. 3. 2Internet Service Provider11

3. 4Performance12

3. 5Security12

3. your five. 1Data Transfer12

3. a few. 2Data Storage12

3. 6Supportability13

3. 6th. 1Configuration Supervision Tool13

three or more. 7Design Constraints13

3. six. 1Standard Advancement Tools13

three or more. 7. 2Web Based Product13

3. 8On-line User Documents and Help Program Requirements13 three or more. 9Purchased Components13

3. 10Interfaces14

3. 12. 1User Interfaces14

3. 12. 2Hardware Interfaces14

3. 10. 3Software Interfaces14

3. 10. 4Communications Interfaces15

3. 11Licensing Requirements15

three or more. 12Legal, Copyright laws, and Other Notices15

3. 13Applicable Standards15

5. Supporting Information15

Software Requirements Specification


The introduction of the application Requirements Specification (SRS) provides an overview of the entire SRS with purpose, scope, definitions, shortened forms, abbreviations, references and review of the SRS. The aim of this kind of document is always to gather and analyze and give an specific insight of the complete Marvel Electronics and Home Entertainment computer software by determining the problem affirmation in detail. Even so, it also concentrates on the capacities required simply by stakeholders and the needs whilst defining high-level product features. The in depth requirements of the Marvel Gadgets and Entertainment are provided with this document.

1 Purpose

The purpose of the file is to gather and examine all various ideas which have come up to define the system, its requirements with respect to buyers. Also, we need to predict and sort out how we hope the product will be used to acquire a better comprehension of the job, outline ideas that may be produced later, and document suggestions that are...

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