Outlet Breaker

 Essay about Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers

Definition " Physical switching equipment capable of making, carrying and breaking power under usual and abnormal conditions

Signal breakers Factors

Main Contact Insulation among main associates Interruption chamber Control, supervisory and additional devices Insulation link among control device and main contact.

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Types of Circuit breakers

Air-Blast Outlet breaker Oil Circuit Breakers SF6 Routine breakers Cleaner Circuit Breakers

Principles of Operation

Two sets of contacts per phase Moving contact made of copper fishing rod. Fixed contact made of spring-loaded copper sections to exert pressure on moving contact and to make very good contact.


Circuit Breakers Requirements

Unwraps & closes in shortest possible time Conducts rated current. Withstands thermally & mechanically any short circuit. Maintains the voltage to earth around open contacts. Does not generate overvoltages during circuit opening Easy to maintain. Not very costly.

Particulars of the Circuit Breaker

Medium intended for arc extinction. Rated collection voltage. Graded breaking current. Type of construction e. g outdoor, inside. Etc Kind of operating mechanism Total disregarding time. Other additional features including switching resistors


Routine Breakers score

Rated typical current: to be carried without temperature rise. Rated disregarding current: =Highest current to get interrupted = rms from the peak value of the Irregular in shape current.

Signal Breakers score

Generally and according to voltage selection, a constant is utilized to multiply the short circuit current to obtain the breaking current Rated MVA = sqrt(3) * Range voltage (kV) * breaking current (kA).


Principles of Procedure

On beginning moving contact moves rapidly. An electric Arc is formed. The intensity of the arc depends upon what current been interrupted. Because the shifting contact movements further, the arc can be stretched. The gas inside the chamber sweeps the arc which is cooled down. Circuit beginning is accomplished if the arc does...

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