Is Product sales Ethics a great Oxymoron?

Is Product sales Ethics an Oxymoron?


It has been declared sales integrity is a great oxymoron. In this paper, this topic will probably be discussed. First, what is an oxymoron? It could be explained since the joining together of two apparently contrary concepts such as 'a great defeat' or 'humiliating honor'. From this subject, it is saying that sales ethics is an oxymoron signifies that there is simply no ethic in sales. It can be suggesting that sales are in some level unethical. For instance , it may think that ales or perhaps business is usually integrally dangerous. Or we could say it can be at best underhanded and it is past the normal meaningful considerations. To be able to better go over the assertion of the issue, it is necessary for people to specify the meaning 'sales ethics'. Sales or organization ethics is the application of honest values to business behaviour or sales function. If the first trade happened the argument of sales values (business ethics) has had drown a great interest (i. elizabeth. the Code of Hammurabi, created practically 4, 000 years ago, records that Mesopotamian rulers attempted to create genuine prices. Inside the fourth 100 years BCE, Aristotle discussed the vices and virtues of tradesmen and merchants. The Old Testament plus the Jewish Talmud discuss the proper way to conduct organization and even comes with topics including fraud, thievery, misleading advertising, environmental problems and just prices. ) Over the history of trade to today, the issues of business integrity is a continuous source of debate as it movements through periods of creation undertaken by politicians, market leaders and business people to protect the welfare with the business as well as the people through policies and rules.

However if we talk about the term 'sales ethics' independently we can hardly see virtually any relation between two words' sales' and 'ethics'. Via Cambridge Book it can be locate that sales is defined as those activities associated with advertising a product or perhaps service to achieve maximum revenue while ethics as the philosophical examine of the moral value of human execute and the rules of principles that need to govern it. As mentioned above, the two terms would not conflict with one another when individually.

Consulting to some sales specialists and authorities, the main push which allows bring about the immoral product sales is putting more pressure on to the organization in the competitive global industry of today. A large number of facts, just like pay programs, investment, job insecurities and a marketing environment, are main fact that brings about competition in too many instances[1]. Once come to such situation, it becomes a great fraudulent choice between providing and following one's morals. Hence, the subject whether product sales ethics is definitely oxymoron goes up.


In the current commerce, we can find many behaviors to become regarded as underhanded behavior, including misrepresenting intent, price discerning, faking personal relationship, exaggerating performance of product and in many cases disparaging a competitor's goods. Unethical actions are so common that we can easily identify that in many locations. In November 2001, Electric Media (now TV Weekly), the largest and most influential weekly publication inside the broadcast and cable industries, ran a great editorial condemning the use of Time Machines, a tool that electronically compresses moments of programs thus a tv can fit into more programs[2]. One other example of a company's underhanded behaviour was your decision of Ford Motor unit Company not to recall their Pinto version, released in late 1960s when they discovered of a design flaw because could cause the vehicle to burst open into flames even in minor posterior collisions. Ford did a cost-benefit evaluation and determined that the cost of fixing almost all Pintos while travelling (about USD$11 each) would result in higher overall costs compared to paying damages to the people injured or killed in car fire, which it estimated being about USD$270, 000 every single. While it was successful in its sales pertaining to the first few years, in 1972, 3 teenagers passed away in an exploding market upon impact and had...

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