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This appeared in a memorandum from your president of Aurora, a company that markets organic dairy (milk created without the make use of chemical additives):

" Product sales of organic food products from this country have got tripled over the past five years. If Aurora is to cash in on this carrying on trend, we have to diversify and start selling products such as organic lemon juice and organic ovum in addition to our regular product line. With the the latest increase of articles in health mags questioning the safety of dairy and other food products, customers are even more likely to acquire our distinctive line of organic products. Also to help assure our effective expansion, we ought to hire the founder of the chain of health-food retailers to act as our vp of marketing. ”

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This appeared within a memorandum in the marketing department of a kid's clothing company: " The HuggyBunny manufacturer is the best seling brand of little one's clothing. Parents everywhere acknowledge the HuggyBunny logo being a mark of quality, and a lot of our consumers show superb brand devotion. Sales reports have shown that parents are very likely to buy kid's clothes with the familiar HuggyBunny brand and logo than otherwise the same clothes with out it. Consequently , if we utilize HuggyBunny brand name and company logo for the new line of clothes for teenagers which our company will soon be bringing out, that garments will sell better than it would whenever we labeled this with a new brand name and emblem. ”

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The following appeared in a memorandum from the human resources department of Diversified Production: " Managers at the central business office report that their personnel tend to end up being most productive in the days quickly preceding a vacation. To help combat our declining market share, we're able to increase the efficiency of our professional staff members, whom currently receive four weeks paid out vacation a year, by constraining them to no greater than one...

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